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Diamond Needle Corp offers an extensive line of industrial sewing machine needles from Organ Needle Co. Our selection includes an extensive variety of high quality, cost-effective needles for nearly any application, including  apparel, automated sewing, Bag closing, automotive interiors, furniture, mattress manufacturing, bag closing, tailoring, and more. Use the selector on the left to browse industrial needles according to your size, finish, point style, and/or application specifications.

The team at Diamond Needle is available to help you find the needles you need. Contact us today to discuss your industrial sewing needs.
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Types of Organ Needles for Industrial Sewing Applications

Diamond Needle is the exclusive North American distributor for Organ Needle Co. Our selection of industrial sewing machine needles includes everything from Chrome plated, titanium PD needles with 3-5 times more needle life to Cool-Sew needles for low-temp, anti-friction/anti-glue applications to SK1 , NY2 needles, designed to alleviate skipped stitches and offer less penetration resistance.  Needles available with special points to sewing stretch materials, tightly woven materials, and leather.  Read more about industrial sewing machine needle types here.

Helpful Resources

With thousands of needle options, it can be difficult to know which kind are best suited to your application. Click into any of the following resources for more information regarding various needle styles and specifications: