Blind Stitch Sewing Machine Needles

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Otherwise known as hem stitch needles, curved blind stitch sewing machine needles have an eccentric position point that, when used in blind stitch machines, “nicks” the fabric instead of fully penetrating it. The effect is a nearly invisible “blind” stitch, ideal for hemming clothing, curtains, etc. Our selection of blind stitch needles includes options for any material thickness, from thin to medium to heavy.

We have ORGAN brand blind stitch sewing machine needles for all types of portable and industrial blind stitch sewing machines, including US BLINDSTITCH, LEWIS, Maier, and Japanese and Chinese-made machines. Browse regular round point needles as well as ball point needles for knit and stretch materials. Our LWx6T assorted kit provides 50 needles of assorted sizes (intended for LEWIS, Japanese and Chinese blind stitch machines) to help you get started with your blind stitch application. Click into any of the products below to add to your cart. Contact an expert for more information.
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Blind Hem Stitch Needles for Industrial & Commercial Blind Stitch Sewing Machines

In blind stitching operations, the needle catches only a few threads every time it’s pulled through the fabric, creating a stitch that is hidden inside the hem, barely visible to the naked eye. Our selection of blind stitch needles from Organ Needle are available in sizes ranging from fine thread 60/8 to heavy duty 125/20.

ORGAN Round Point (Sharp Point)  Blind Stitch Needles

Blind stitch round point (sharp point) needles have a rounded sharp tip to penetrate tightly woven materials. Available in wide variety of sizes from very thin to quite heavy.

ORGAN Ball Point Blind Stitch Needles

Blind stitch ball point needles are designed to avoid making holes in knit and stretch fabrics and other loosely woven materials. Our selection of ball point blind stitch needles include a range of sizes.

ORGAN LWx6T-ASSORT Blind Stitch Needle Kit

This blind stitch needle kit from Organ consists of 50 needles of assorted sizes, ensuring you have the right needles on-hand for any type of hemming or blind stitching application. For use in LEWIS and popular Chinese blind stitch machines.

Exclusive Distributor of Blind Stitch Needles from ORGAN Needle Co.

Many of the most popular blind stitch sewing machines on the market are designed for use with Organ brand needles. Trying to substitute other needle brands for blind stitch machines can be costly, as these machines often require specialty needle types. As the exclusive North American distributor for ORGAN Needle Co., Diamond Needle can provide you with the Organ needles you need to achieve the best results in any sewing application. Contact us today to determine the needle sizes and styles you require.

Contact Us for ORGAN Brand Curved Needles for Blind Stitch Sewing Machines

Diamond Needle Corp is the exclusive North American distributor for Organ Needle Co. We offer an extensive selection of over 100,000 industrial and household sewing machine needles and supplies for any application. Our huge inventory allows us to provide fast, reliable, and on-time deliveries.

Contact us to discuss your unique application. Request a quote on our selection of Organ blind stitch needles today.