Anti-Glue Sewing Machine Needles

The COOL-SEW sewing machine needles from ORGAN Needle Co. were developed to prevent buildup of material or residue on the needle’s surface or in the needle eye—often the result when working with high friction materials, such as synthetic, chemically treated, or dense fabrics. We offer two finishes: LP, or lubricated plating needles for high speed applications and HP hard plating needles for use with abrasive or dense materials.

Expect neater stitches, less sewing thread breakage, and increased productivity when you use ORGAN brand anti-glue sewing needles. Available in sizes ranging from 230/26 to 1. Use the filters on the left to narrow your selection according needle system, size, point style, point symbol, and/or application. Click into any of the products below to view additional details and add to your cart or contact an expert for more information.
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Lubricated Plating Needles from ORGAN Needle Co.

Conventional “low-temp anti-friction” needles have a green PTFE finish, which is effective in reducing friction and adhesion, but is rather soft and wears off quickly. To enhance the effectiveness of COOL-SEW needles, ORGAN has developed two finishes: LP and HP.
“LP” Lubricated Plating Needles are designed for sewing in softer or thinner materials and for high sewing machine speeds ranging from 6,000 to 10,000 stitches per minute. “HP” Hard Plating Needles, on the other hand, perform better at slower sewing machine speeds, but offer greater wear resistance for more abrasive materials, such as flame retardant fabrics, Aramid threads, tarps, backpacks, etc.

COOL-SEW Anti-Friction Sewing Needles for Use With “Sticky” Materials

The nature of some materials makes them rather “sticky.” Materials such as rubber, foam, and synthetic fillers have a higher friction coefficient compared to natural fiber threads like cotton. This can cause heat buildup on the needle, which may melt the material, leading to thread breakage and excessive buildup of residue on the surface of the needle and around the eye.
COOL-SEW needles have a non-stick finish with a very low friction coefficient to prevent the needle from getting too hot and melting the material. These needles offer an ideal solution when working with common “sticky” materials, such as vinyl, synthetics, chemically treated materials, glued materials, rubberized goods, nylon, foam, and dense fabrics. When you use COOL-SEW needles, you can expect:
  • Neater stitches
  • Less sewing thread breakage
  • Little to no buildup of material on needle
  • Fewer puckered stitches
  • Reduced downtime
  • Less defects
  • Increased productivity

ORGAN Nonstick Sewing Needles for Commercial & Industrial Sewing Machines

Diamond Needle Corp is the exclusive North American distributor for ORGAN Needle Co. We offer an extensive selection of over 100,000 sewing machine needles, parts, & supplies for all domestic and industrial sewing applications. Our huge inventory allows us to provide fast, reliable, and on-time deliveries.

Read more about COOL-SEW needles in the ORGAN catalog. Contact us to discuss your unique application or request a quote on our selection of anti-glue sewing machine needles today.