Avery-Dennison Tagging Tools, Needles, & Fasteners

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Tagging tools are used in a variety of general purpose applications to tag, label, fasten, hang, or bundle various items. Avery Dennison high productivity tagging systems set the industry standard for quality and dependability. Lightweight, comfortable, and easy-to-use, these tools are perfect for tagging anything from garments to home goods, to plants, mattresses, toys, textiles, and so much more.

Diamond Needle is a leading supplier of thousands of Avery Dennison tagging tools, their needles, and fasteners. Our selection comes in a wide assortment of styles, sizes, and quantities and is available with same-day shipping. Click on any of the categories below to browse options and request a quote. Contact us today to speak to an expert


Label Tag Tools for Clothing, Packaging, & Other Consumer Goods

Tagging tools are used in any industry where products need to be permanently or temporarily tagged, such as retail, clothing, tailoring, dry-cleaning, consumer packaged goods, electronics, food, and more. Most tagging systems use a tool and needle to insert the fastener through an item. Common uses for tag tools include:
  • Attaching prices
  • Indicating sizes
  • Including bar codes
  • Product identification
  • Branding or messaging

Avery-Dennison Tag Tool Systems

Not sure which type of label tag tool system is best for your application?  Call us today, and we will assist you. Some of the most popular tagging tools we have in stock include:

Pistol Grip Tagging Tool (most popular)

Dennison’s Pistol Grip Micro Tag Tools are ideal for tagging flat or hanging goods. Their compact design includes a short nose and easy reach tag rest to facilitate one-handed tagging for increased productivity. #D10651 for STANDARD thickness fasteners and #D10312 for FINE thin fasteners

SHD Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Tagging Tool

The Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Tag Tool has an extra sturdy construction and uses a long, all-steel needle for heavy duty fastening applications, such as carpet, leather, or plastic. Use with heavy-duty fasteners.

Scissor Grip Tagging Tool

The Scissor Grip Tagging Tool is the original tag gun design. Comfortable to hold and easily actuated, operators say the Scissor Grip is perfect for tagging hanging goods. These tag tools come in standard and fine needle versions. The industrial BUTTONEER is ideal for very tight holding like buttons, pleats, bar tacks, or installing blocks inside weather stripping for car doors.

Mark III™ Pistol Tagging Tool

This Avery Dennison tool is the industry standard for tag gun tools. Its ergonomic design and easy-squeeze mechanism makes this the #1 choice for a variety if tagging applications. Compatible with most standard fasteners (50/clip or 100/clip).


This is the crafter's choice for basting quilts, repairing fallen hems, hemming drapes, tailoring garments, tacking appliques, assembling frame keepsakes or just decorating crafts. This hand-held attaching tool is easy to use and applies a micro plastic fastener that can be sewn over. This fastening tool is also ideal for quick clothing repairs. This tool features a small, extra-fine needle, a durable metal feeding mechanism and a trigger that is easy to squeeze. The MicroStitch can be used on fine fabrics and the tiny fastener can be easily removed with a quick pull or snap.

Avery Dennison Fasteners

Tag gun fasteners are used to attach the tags onto products. Material options for Dennison fasteners include polypropylene or nylon. The material you need will depend on the strength, flexibility, melt temp, and the chemical and abrasion resistance required by your application. Diamond Needle stocks a wide variety of fastener shapes from Avery Dennison, including:
  • Paddle Fasteners: Most common type used in garment tagging applications. Once attached, the paddle prevents the fastener from slipping through the hole and provides a larger surface to pull when removing.
  • T-End Fasteners: More discreet than paddle fasteners. Used for tagging, pairing products, and packaging.
  • Hook-Tach: Mostly used as a mini-hanger for soft goods, such as caps socks, gloves, and scarves.
  • Loop Fasteners: V-shaped with ends that anchor at two different points and a filament that serves as a loop. Used to hang goods, pair materials, or secure labels
  • Buttoneer® Fasteners: This popular fastener type has a rivet shaped head that makes it ideal for securing rubber and other elastic materials.
  • Secure-a-tach®, Secur-a-tie®, & StringTach™: Handheld fasteners for applications where piercing the material with a needle is not an option.
  • Plastic Staple® & Elastic Staple®: Commonly used in the textile industry to staple tags. These fasteners come in rolls and look very similar to T-End™ fasteners when cut by the tool. Elastic is stronger, and ideal for packaging.

Avery Dennison Needles

The Dennison needle design is fundamental to the Dennison tagging systems. The butt of the needle has a sharp knife to separate fasteners from their clips. Upon changing the needle, you also get a sharp new knife to ensure effective tagging. Dennison needles are finished to reduce the risk of snagging or making holes in delicate fabric. Our selection of needles includes standard and fine needles, all-steel heavy-duty needles, and SHD (super heavy duty) long needles.

Diamond Needle is Your Source for a Variety of Avery-Dennison Parts

Whether you’re tagging, bundling, or hanging, our selection of Avery Dennison tools provides the quality and reliability you need to get the job done right. With an inventory of over 100,000 sewing and cutting machine parts and supplies in stock, Diamond Needle can offer fast, reliable, on-time deliveries to our customers in any location. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the tagging supplies you need at prices you can afford. Request a quote today to receive same-day shipping. Contact us for more information.