Leather Sewing Machine Needles


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Leather sewing needles have a special knife shaped point to cut through leather material, avoid bursting stitch holes, and enhance the appearance and strength of the stitching. Leather needles come in more than 8 different point styles: diamond point, triangle (TRI) point, narrow wedge point, twist points, or SD1 round tri-tip point. Our selection of leather point needles offers an ideal solution for stitching, sewing, or trimming all types of leathers and other non-woven materials.

Whether you’re hoping to achieve straight stitches, consistent loop formation, or thick threaded designs, Diamond Needle has the ORGAN brand needles you need to for any leather sewing application. We offer leather point needles in a range of point styles, finishes, in sizes ranging from 12/80 to 200/25. Click into any of the products below to view additional product details and add to your cart. Contact us for more information.
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ORGAN Brand Leather Needles in the Size & Point Style You Require

Unlike woven or knit materials, leather does not have an engineered structure, and it often varies in thickness and density. In the process of penetrating leather, a round point needle will push into the tough material until it bursts through, causing an irregularly shaped hole. For this reason, ORGAN leather point needles have specialized points to create clean stitches in soft, medium, and hard leathers. Leather point shapes include:
  • Diamond Point Leather Needles: Produces a smaller, neater hole in hard leathers.
  • Triangle (TRI) Point Leather Needles: Point shaped like a nail. Ideal for hard leathers.
  • Narrow Wedge Point Leather Needles: Needle hole resembles that of a knife slice. Ideal for softer leathers.
  • Twist Points Leather Needles: Slice into leather with an angled right or left cut.
  • SD1 Round Tri-Tip Point Needles: Makes smaller incision compared to other points & produces a neat hole and straight seem. PD Titanium coating makes the needles more resistant to wear.

Leather Point Needles for Sewing A Range of Leather and Leather-like Materials

While these needles are often referred to as leather needles, they also tend to be the needle of choice for other types of nonwoven materials, like vinyl, suede, and synthetic leather. Leather needles can be used to sew, stitch, or trim a variety of items. Some of the most common applications include:
  • Shoes
  • Bags/Purses
  • Clothing
  • Suitcases
  • Furniture
  • Car Seats
  • Belts
  • And more
Not sure which needle size or point style is best for your sewing application? Contact an expert today, and we will help you find the leather needles best suited to your needs.

ORGAN Leather Point Needles for Commercial & Industrial Sewing Machines

Diamond Needle Corp is the exclusive North American distributor for Organ Needle Co. We offer an extensive selection of over 100,000 industrial and household sewing machine needles, parts, & supplies for any project. Our huge inventory allows us to provide fast, reliable, and on-time deliveries.

Contact us to discuss your unique application. Request a quote on our selection of Organ leather needles today.