Ball Point Needles

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ORGAN Needles® Ball Point needles are intended to avoid making holes in loosely woven, knit, and stretch materials.
The structure of these stretch materials means that if you break one of those fibers and then put stress on the seam a hole will get bigger and bigger.
Ball Point needles have a “rounded” point that allows the needle to pass between the fibers that constitute the structure of knit and stretch materials.  Rather than penetrating and breaking those fibers the ball point can parry the fibers it encounters and pass between them.
There are a variety of Ball Point tips.  The most effective ball points  for general purpose use are the SUK (Medium Ball Point) and SES (Thin Ball Point).   For specialized applications additional varieties such as  “S/Ball” (Slim Ball Point) and SKU (Heavy Ball Point) are available.   Let us help you with the type of ball point that best suits your sewing situation.
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