Wiss Brand Scissors

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Since 1848 WISS has been the leading maker of highest quality industrial scissors and shears.

The WISS 10 inch and 12 inch tailoring shears are the mainstay of tailors and clothing makers. WISS hot-drop-forged scissors are used by sewing tradesmen . The WISS QUICKCLIP thread clips are the best quality light weight thread nippers in the trade. 

WISS #W1DS utility hand cutting shears, WISS #W8BLT Belt Cutting Shears, and other specialized WISS scissors and shears address the demands of numerous hand cutting tasks.  We stock those WISS scissors and shears used in the sewing trades.  Many of these WISS scissors and shears also find applications in other trades like for poultry, fish, aerospace, and wherever reliable scissors and shears are needed.
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