Hemmers Binders Folders & Attachments

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We carry a broad variety of ready-made Binders, Hemmers and other folders popularly used in many sewing functions. Standard, ready-made folders are consistent quality, economically priced, and available for immediate delivery. Here is our spec sheet on Collaret Binders.

BINDERS take a tape and wrap it around the edge of a sewn product.  Tape can be folded “Raw Edge” (in half), Semi Clean Finish (one edge of tape tucked and other edge of tape untucked before folding in half), or Double Clean Finish (both edges of the tape are tucked before folding in half). There are binders for cotton goods, drapery, collarets, mattresses, and more applications.
HEMMERS fold the edge of a material either “Raw Edge” (folded once of a given width), or “Clean Finish” (turning the edge once and then again) to create a finished hem with no possibly unfinished edges. Most hemmers turn the hem up while some turn the hem down.  Hemmers may be available on fixed brackets, on swing-away brackets, or on presser feet. 
We have Lap Seam Folders to secure the joining of fabrics in jeans, tarps, and other applications.
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