Industrial and commercial sewing operations require dependable scissors that last over repeated use and don’t break the bank. Every sewing application is different, and specialty scissors are a must to complete jobs accurately, efficiently, and without delay.

To meet such a diverse range of projects, Diamond Needle Corp. maintains a vast stock of premium scissors at excellent prices. From thread nippers to utility scissors and beyond, we have the industrial sewing scissors you need to complete your job on time and in budget. Use this resource to determine the best type of scissors for your sewing operations. If you don’t see what you need, contact us today. We’ll talk through your goals and find your best solution.

Common Types of Sewing Scissors

Thread Nippers

Thread Nippers
Also called finger scissors, thread nippers are essential for any industrial or commercial sewing kit. Featuring extremely sharp blades, thread nippers are designed to fit the user’s ring finger through the loop while the thumb and index finger drive the nipping action. As the name implies, thread nippers are designed to cleanly cut thread from sewing projects.

Heavy-Duty Shears 

heavy duty shears
Favored by tailors, upholsters, and operations cutting other thick textiles, heavy-duty shears are the best option for any tough material-cutting job. Heavy-duty shears are built to last and designed to cut through thick materials, multiple layers, and accomplish  ther hard-to-complete cutting jobs quickly and easily. Various blade lengths and cut lengths are available to match your specifications, so be sure to select the best dimensions for your anticipated work.

Dressmaker Scissors

Dressmaker shears include a long, tapered blade with one blunt tip and one sharp tip to cut fabric without snagging on seams or threads. Sharpened to a knife edge, dressmaker shears can handle cutting one or several layers of material, cutting out patterns, trimming seams, and more. A bent handle allows for a smooth and comfortable cutting experience, minimizing downtime and maximizing sewing efficiency.

Tailor’s Scissors 


Belmont tailor's scissors are available in overall lengths from 6”, 7”, 8”, 9” and more.Versatil and sharp, they are suitable for quilting, crafting, and other industrial or commercial sewing projects, offering thicker blades with precision knife edges that cut from pivot  to tip. Tailor's scissors are a great all-purpose and portable choice for sewers looking to fill their kit with components that can address multiple types of cutting.

Embroidery Scissors 

Stork Embroidery Scissors

Embroidery scissors feature fine or super fine tips, narrow blades, and sharp points. The finely tapered blades are ideal for detailed trimming, intricate needlework, paper crafts, and more. Most embroidery scissors feature a curved blade, helping to keep the sharp tips from cutting important threads and damaging fabric.

Applique Scissors

Applique scissors are a specialized version of embroidery scissors. Some feature an extra metal piece attached to one blade to trim stitched-down applique. Curved Blade Applique scissors are designed to remove excess fabric and thread while staying very close to the stitch line and not cutting the base material.

Utility Scissors

Utility scissors serve many functions in sewing projects. Sometimes called fabric scissors or all-purpose scissors, utility scissors are a good catch-all option for any commercial sewing operation. Designed with an elongated shank for maximum leverage, these scissors require less effort than other models to cut through leather, fabrics, plastics, packaging, and other materials.

Other Scissors for Sewing

Other specialty scissors are available to support the needs of any industrial and commercial sewing operation or business. In addition to the above scissors, many different types of scissors for sewing are available, including:
  • Upholstery scissors
  • Straight trimmers
  • Bent trimmers
  • Curved blade scissors
  • Squeeze scissors
  • And many, many more!

Belmont Scissors for Sewing Deliver Superior Cutting Performances

Belmont scissors are designed to deliver high-quality performances in demanding industrial or commercial sewing applications. Many  are manufactured in Italy from hot drop forged steel to preserve sharpness and provide exceptional cutting across applications. Cost-effective and long-lasting, Belmont scissors for sewing are great for updating existing sewing kits, creating a new toolbox, or upgrading your overall operations while staying within budget.

Explore the Belmont Scissors Catalog for further specifications and options.

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