Organ Sewing Machine Needles

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As a renowned, trusted manufacturer of sewing machine needles, Organ Needle Co. produces top-quality sewing needles known for their superior performance and design. Made from specially formulated steel that is carefully machined, finished, and tempered, Organ needles are manufactured to withstand the most demanding sewing requirements.

As a trusted Organ needle distributor, Diamond Needle Corp has all the standard, domestic, and industrial needles required for your next sewing project. We serve all industries, including apparel, embroidery, quilting, household, bag closing, automotive, bookbinding, furniture, industrial textiles, and more. From everyday sewing applications to specialized tasks, count on Diamond Needle to provide you with the Organ needles, parts, or supplies you need. Click into any of the categories below to browse available products and request a quote. Contact us for more information.

Flat Shank Needles VS Industrial Sewing Machine Needles

Also known as domestic or household needles, flat shank needles are most commonly used for domestic sewing and embroidery. These needles have a flat side on the shank to act as a guide when inserting the needle into the needle holder on a sewing machine.

Industrial needles, on the other hand, have a fully rounded shank and call for more precision when inserting into a machine. Industrial sewing machines are built to work with complicated patterns and stitching, requiring needles that are manufactured not only for strength, but also in a variety of sizes. Just as domestic needles should only be used with domestic sewing machines, industrial sewing needles are designed expressly for industrial sewing machines.

Leather Point Needles from Organ

Unlike woven or knit materials, leather does not have an engineered structure. As such, sewing leather and leather-like materials may pose potential stitching problems. A standard sharp round point needle may do a fine job when working with very thin, soft leather materials, however; for most leather, a specialized cutting point will achieve the best results.
We supply a variety of diamond, triangle, and wedge point needles to enhance the appearance and strength of stitched leather. Browse our selection of Organ leather point needles. Contact us for more information.

Shop Organ Needles by Your Specifications

We carry thousands of Organ brand sewing needles for any industry or application. Search all available options and narrow your selection by needle system, size, finish, and/or point style. Read more about each classification below.

Organ Needle Systems & Sizes

Different models of sewing machines require different sizes and types of sewing needles. Needle systems define which machines can use which needles. All needles in a system are the same length and shank size, but are usually available in various diameters (sizes), point designs, and finishes.
  • Lower size numbers indicate narrower or thinner needles, typically used for lighter materials.
  • Higher size numbers indicate a needle with a thicker diameter, ideal for heavier materials.
Match your needle system to your machine and the size of the needle to the material you are sewing. Contact us for help determining the needle system and/or size best suited to your application.

Organ Needle Finishes

The coatings and finishes used on a needle impact its level performance. We offer three main types of Organ needle finishes:
  • Chromium
  • Perfect Durability (PD), titanium
  • COOL-SEW (Anti-Friction, Anti-Glue)
Chromium is the most common needle coating as it provides excellent protection against rust and deterioration. Chromium improves the smoothness of all surfaces, including the inside of the needle eye. It is the standard coating for all industrial sewing machine needles due to the demands of higher speed sewing.

Titanium plating, such as Organ’s Perfect Durability finish (PD), prevents premature deterioration of the needle point, needle eye, and surfaces. Titanium plated needles are well-suited to aramid threads and flame retardant materials. Perfect Durability titanium plating extends the needle life, resulting in a higher productivity output and less damage to fabric. PD plating works best for automated sewing operations even with soft materials and threads.

COOL-SEW (LP & HP) finishes are beneficial when sewing with synthetic threads and materials that may heat up and melt due to friction. COOL-SEW finishes alleviate adhesion problems caused by rubberized, glued, vinyl, or other synthetic materials sticking to the needle.

Point Designs for Organ Brand Needles

The right point style for your application will depend on the type of material being sewn, as well as the desired stitch effect you want to achieve. We offer a wide range of needle point styles from Organ, including round point needles, ball point needles, and leather point needles.
  • The most common needle point is called a “set” or “sharp” point. It’s ideal for sewing tightly woven materials and softer leather-like materials.
  • Knit or loosely woven stretch materials benefit from the use of BALL POINT needles. Ball Point needles parry their way between the yarns to avoid breaking the fibers of the stretch material (preventing the formation of  holes when stress is applied to the sewn material).
  • Plastic, vinyl, leather, and leather-like materials benefit from needle points designed to perform predictably shaped holes, improve penetration, and avoid the “bursting” effect that other standard needle points may cause.
Please refer to our online resources for information regarding other needle features such as eye size, NY2 tapered blade needles, special scarf designs, shank designs, and needle thicknesses.

Helpful Resources

Still have questions? We offer a host of online resources to help you achieve a more productive sewing experience. Click on any of the links below to find the answers you’re looking for. If you prefer to speak to an expert, contact us, and we will assist you.

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When quality and performance are non-negotiable, rely on Diamond Needle for all your sewing needs. With more than 68 years of industry experience and over 1,000 Organ needles in our online store, we are your trusted sewing machine needle supplier for both industrial and household applications. Contact us to begin discussing the requirements for your next sewing project. Request a quote on our selection of Organ needles today.