Organ Stretch Needles 15X1SP

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As an industry-leading distributor of top-quality sewing needles, Diamond Needles has high-quality flat shank needles for sewing elastic and stretch materials.

Organ flat-shank stretch needles 15x1SP (HAx1SP, HAx1KN, 705H-S) are designed to sew elastic and stretch materials. The unique bulged eye and “snake’s head” shape needles helps the 15x1SP needles perform optimal stitching with stretch, elastic, and tightly woven materials.  These flat-shank 15x1SP needles are available in a variety of point styles and finishes.
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Domestic Stretch and Elastic Sewing Needles

Our vast selection of durable stretch and elastic sewing needles includes:
  • Regular Point Chromium
  • Regular Point Titanium
  • Point Chromium
  • Point Titanium

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