NY2 Needles Less Penetration Resistance

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ORGAN brand “NY2” needles help improve stitching

Additionally, the ORGAN brand “NY2” needles’ acute shape point has a slimmer profile that enhances stitching in delicate materials as well.  The acute shape point displaces less fabric in the stitch hole.

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ORGAN brand “NY2” needles are available with Regular Points, Ball Points, and “SD1” cutting points.

We supply all ORGAN brand “NY2” needles with our PD/Perfect Durability titanium plating for great resistance to wear and longer life.
  • The deeper and longer scarf has enhanced features at the top and bottom of the scarf to assure better thread loop formation.
  •  The point shape is more acute to reduce penetration resistance that might otherwise deflect or increase needle breakage.
"NY2" Spec Sheet