Organ Needles Finishes and Point Designs

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We have the widest variety of sewing machine needles.  We serve all industries including apparel, embroidery, quilting, household, bag closing, automotive, bookbinding, furniture, industrial textiles, and more.  We have needles for everyday sewing, specialized tasks, and those that provide solutions to some of the most demanding sewing requirements.

We have more than 1,000 types of needles available in many sizes (thicknesses), finishes (chrome, anti-friction, and titanium), eye configurations, point shapes, and specialized designs. We’ve got needles for just about every machine and sewing demand.

ORGAN brand needles are made from specially formulated steel that is carefully machined, finished and tempered.  The needles cannot be too hard to produce brittle needles that break too easily.  There must be some resilience according to predetermined tolerances. Organ does it best!

No needle lasts forever.  Even when sewing the thinnest or softest materials, sewing over time will wear down the needle point, eye and surfaces leading to needle breakage.  It is advisable, depending on how long the needle is sewing, to change to a new needle.  The sewing circumstances will determine to schedule for needle changes.

Organ Needle Finishes

The standard finish for sewing machine needles can be nickel or chromium.  These finishes protect the needles from rust, deterioration and improve the smoothness of all surfaces including inside the needle eye.  All industrial sewing machine needles are chromium plated due to demands of higher speed sewing.

Titanium plating, such as ORGAN’s PD/ Perfect Durability finish, makes the needles more resistant to wear.  Certain materials and threads can be very abrasive causing premature deterioration of the needle point, eye and surfaces.  Aramid threads and FR (Flame Retardant) materials are particularly demanding.   Since the needle point experiences the most trauma, ORGAN puts more titanium into the needle point to help it last longer.  Titanium in the eye and on the surfaces makes the needle more resistant to wear.   PD/Perfect Durability titanium plating when doing automated sewing operations with soft materials and threads can extend the needle life.  A longer sewing life for the needle means less downtime to change needles, higher productivity, and less fabric damage.
Our COOL-SEW (LP and HP) anti-friction finishes are beneficial when sewing with synthetic threads and synthetic materials that may heat up and melt due to friction.  Cool-Sew finishes alleviate problems of adhesion when rubberized, glued, vinyl or other synthetic materials stick to the needles.

Organ Needle Point Designs

From round point needles, to ball point needles, to special leather point needles, we have the Organ Needle type you are looking for. Organ Needle types we carry include:
  • Round Point needles  - Here's a video example to distinguish a “Regular” (Sharp) Point needle 
  • Ball Point needles      - Here's a video example to distinguish a “Ball” Point needle.
  • Leather Point needles
  • Cool-Sew needles
  • PD/Perfect Durability needles
  • Hook needles
  • And many more!
The usual needle point is called a “set” point.  Many people call it a “sharp” point.  It’s ideal for sewing tightly woven materials and soft leather-like materials and soft leather and leather-like materials.
  • Knit or loosely woven stretch materials benefit from the use of BALL POINT needles.  Ball Point needles parry their way between the yarns to avoid breaking those fibers that constitute the stretch material. If you break a fiber in stretch material and stress is applied to a seam, a hole will grow.
  • Leather, plastic, vinyl and leather-like materials benefit from leather points designed to perform predictably shaped holes, improve penetration, and avoid “bursting” that other needle points may cause.
 Please see the specific needle information in our website about other needle features such as eye size, NY2 tapered blade needles, special scarf designs, shank designs and needle thicknesses.

We welcome your additional questions so we may help you have more productive sewing experiences.
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