Organ Needles Finishes and Point Designs

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Sewing needles are used for many projects in several industries. With various configurations, point shapes, finishes, and specialized designs, different types of needles provide solutions to achieve project requirements. Our inventory features over 1,000 needle options for everyday sewing, specialized tasks, and industrial textiles.

We proudly offer sewing needle solutions for almost every machine or demand. Machined from specially formulated steel, then finished and tempered for resilient, durable sewing needle solutions, Organ brand needles offer features and benefits for industrial and recreational sewing.

Features of Needle Finishes and Point Designs

Used for various textiles and sewing projects, sewing machine needles have configurations and finishes for different purposes. Finishes can affect the strength of a needle, its smoothness, and resistance, while point designs accommodate different fabric types, depending on their construction and application. We carry a selection of Organ needle types in material finishes and point designs to meet your project requirements, such as:
  • Ball point needles for knit and loosely woven stretch materials
  • Leather point needles for leather, plastic, vinyl, and leather-like materials
  • Chainstitch and chenille hook needles for embroidery machines
  • Titanium-plated needles for higher needle resistance
  • Cool-Sew anti-friction/Anti-glue needles for synthetic materials
Organ brand needles can be used in applications across industries, including apparel, embroidery, quilting, bag and shoe fabrication, automotive, bookbinding, furniture, and industrial textiles.

Benefits of Different Needle Finishes

The standard finish for sewing machine needles is usually nickel or chromium. Nickel finishes protect needles from rust and deterioration while enhancing the smoothness of the entire surface, including the needle eye. Opting for a chromium finish provides similar strength and resistance with the necessary performance features for higher-speed industrial sewing machines.
Organ’s Perfect Durability (PD) finish utilizes titanium plating, making sewing needles more wear-resistant. Needles with this finish are designed for demanding fabrics like aramid threads and flame retardant (FR) materials. These materials contain abrasive threads, which can cause premature deterioration in the needle’s point. Organ needle types with a PD finish have additional titanium plating in the point for longevity, meaning less downtime to change needles, higher productivity, and less fabric damage.
In high-speed sewing, synthetic materials may heat up and melt due to friction. Cool-Sew sewing needles are PTFE-coated for anti-friction applications, ideal for sewing with synthetic threads and materials. They are available in LP and HP finishes, where LP is lubricated for high speeds and HP is hard lubricated for abrasives and dense stitching. Developed to prevent the buildup of material or residue on the needle’s surface or eye, Cool-Sew Organ needles will create neater stitches, decrease thread breakage, and increase productivity when working with synthetic materials.

Point Designs and their Advantages

A standard needle point is known as a “set” point but is also commonly called a “sharp” point. Perfect for tightly woven and soft leather-like materials, set point needles neatly penetrate these fabrics. This point design can be used for regular fabric sewing, top stitching, and attaching buttons.
Ball point needles feature a rounded point for sewing knitted fabrics. This point design maneuvers through the yarns of open-knit fabrics to avoid breaking any fibers that form the stretch characteristics. When fibers break in knit materials, stress can affect the fabric, creating holes. These needles are ideal for heavier, looser sweater knits and can be used with highly elastic materials to maintain essential fabric integrity.
Materials like leather, plastic, and vinyl benefit from leather-point needles. These needles have a sharp point with cutting edges to penetrate the material more effectively without damaging it. In leather-like materials, leather-point needles create predictably shaped holes to improve the appearance and strength of the stitching. We carry a variety of leather-point needle configurations to accommodate different materials and avoid stitch bursting.

Inventory of Organ Needles at Diamond Needle

Our inventory of Organ Needles includes industrial sewing machine needles and flat-shank domestic needles. With solutions for specialty sewing applications and needles compatible with specific material types, we are confident our products will meet your project requirements. The selection of Organ needle types at Diamond Needle includes:
  • Universal flat shank needles
  • Embroidery machine and hook needles
  • Microtex microfiber needles
  • Furniture and quilting needles
  • Twin or double sewing needles
  • Sewing needles for denim
  • Leather-point needles
  • Bookbinding needles
  • And more

Discover Organ Needle Types for Industrial and Domestic Sewing at Diamond Needle

Diamond Needle is a trusted manufacturer of industrial sewing products. As partners with an international industry leader, our product inventory includes Organ brand sewing machine needles for industrial and domestic projects. We are a dedicated supplier of sewing implements and needles. With decades of knowledge and experience in sewing notions and products, we provide fast and reliable delivery, competitive prices, and specialized products to meet your requirements. Contact us or request a quote to get started.
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