Sewing Machine Parts

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Meeting the expectations of your production often requires you to expect the unexpected, which means being prepared with various replacement sewing machine parts even before you need them. In the event a part gets lost or breaks, we have the spare parts and supplies you need to get your machine back up and running in no time. We carry parts for all types of machines and operations, including sewing, embroidery, quilting, cutting, bag closing, bookbinding, and more.

With over 70 years of experience, Diamond Needle is your trusted parts resource. We carry parts for respected brands, such as Brother, Juki, Mitsubishi, Pegasus, Porter, Singer and more. With over 100,000 items in stock, we deliver some of the best quality, lowest prices, and fastest deliveries in the industry. Most all of our products are available for same-day shipping. Refer to our REFERENCE LIBRARY for parts books to assist you in identifying the items you need. Request a quote today or contact us with any questions.
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Supplies, Tools, & Replacement Parts for Sewing Machines

Visit our reference library to view parts catalogs. Click into any of the options below for more information or to view our selection and add to your cart.

Industrial Sewing Machine Parts

Industrial sewing machines are integral for many textile manufacturers across several industries, including apparel, automotive, agricultural, commodities bagging, bookbinding, embroidery, furniture, and more. Our selection of industrial sewing machine parts includes needles, hooks, bobbin cases, and more. Find in stock machine parts for sewing, embroidery, quilting, cutting, and other related equipment.

Bag Closing Machine Parts

Bag closing sewing machines are used to sew burlap bags, woven polypro bags, multiwall paper bags, and more. We supply a variety of replacement parts and needles for popular bag sewing machine brands like Newlong, Union Special, Fischbein, and Siruba.

Bookbinding Machine Parts

We stock a variety of hooks, needles, punches, and high mortality parts for bookbinding machines. Find parts from brands like Aster, Brehmer, Dexter, Freccia, Ishida, Martini, McCain, Minami, National, Oversewering, and Smyth.

Cutting Machine Parts & Cutting Room Supplies

Our inventory includes a wide variety of supplies for cloth cutting operations. Find crayons, pencils and markers, cloth clamps, Fairgate rulers, awls, staples, scissors, cloth cutting machine knives and parts, and more. We stock replacement parts for Round Knife & Straight Knife Machines made by brands like Eastman, Wolf, Maimin, KM, EW- White-Diamond, Technix, and more.

Embroidery Machine Parts & Supplies

Our selection of embroidery supplies includes products for popular brands such as Barudan, Tajima, Brother, and more. Find needles, bobbin cases, hooks, curved blade appliques, scissors, and a variety of other parts and supplies for all your embroidery needs.

Quilting & Mattress Machine Parts

We stock an extensive variety of needles, parts, and supplies for sewing mattresses, producing quilted fabrics, and sewing home fashions like draperies, comforters, and furniture. Our inventory includes scissors, cutting machine knives, cleaning fluid, silicone spray, adhesive sprays, and various production tools for brands like Porter, United, Galkin, Pegasus, Gribetz, EMCO, and more. 

Industrial Sewing Machine Parts for Leading Brands

From machine-specific parts like clamps and thread trimmers to related supplies like scissors and lubricants, our inventory is stocked full of everything you need for your next project. Browse items from well-known machine brands like:


Order High Quality Sewing Machine Replacement Parts Today

When quality and performance are non-negotiable, rely on Diamond Needle for all your sewing needs. Our huge inventory of over 100,000 sewing machine parts and supplies enables us to provide fast, reliable, on-time deliveries to our customers. We are confident we have the high-quality sewing machine parts you need at the prices you want. Contact us to discuss your sewing machine needs or request a quote today.