Flat-Shank Organ Needles® Blister-Pack Needles

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Domestic flat shank needles are ideal for household sewing machine applications. Diamond Needles’ durable Organ sewing needles are used for a variety of sewing applications that include Home Sewing projects, embroidery designs, and quilting. These high-quality flat shank sewing needles are packaged with blister-packed plastic chips on the paperboard cards, making them perfect for self-service needle sales, and are available in economical envelope packs.

High-Quality Organ Domestic Flat Shank Sewing Needles for Home Machines & Embroidery

The blister packaging provides information to help buyers choose the flat shank needles needed for any domestic sewing task. The clear plastic chip lets you see the entire needle and provides a useful safety receptacle to store your needles. We offer a large selection of Organ flat shank sewing needles for any domestic project.

Universal Sewing Needles

Universal flat shank sewing machine needles are ideal for any general sewing purpose. They feature a rounded tip that is well-suited to any general-purpose task.

Anti-Glue Flat Shank Needles

Anti-glue flat shank needles are designed for use on materials that may be glued together, vinyl or synthetic materials, rubberized and coated materials, nylon, polyester, and other synthetic materials.

Embroidery Needles

Your best choice of embroidery machine sewing needle will depend on your planned embroidery project and embroidery machine. However, most embroidery needles feature a larger eye and better scarf than universal sewing needles. We also offer embroidery needles for self-threading machines.

Twin (Double) Sewing Needles

Organ twin needles are designed for decorative sewing such as top stitching, pin tucking, fine entredeux, twin zig-zag, or twin decorative stitches. These sewing needles can replicate a 2-needle serger finish.

Leather Point Needles

Leather needles feature a sharpened cutting tip to pierce all types of leather and synthetic leather materials more effectively. The sharpened needle tip produces consistent, evenly shaped holes.

Quilt Needles

Quilt needles are designed specifically for quilting, multi-directional stitching, and other heavy-duty domestic sewing projects. Our Organ brand quilting needles will pierce through multiple ply applications without an issue while standard needles might bend.

Super Stretch Sewing Needles

Our stretch needles are high-quality sewing needles designed for sewing elastic, tightly woven fabric, and other stretchy materials. They feature a bulged eye and “snake’s head” shaped needle.

Sewing Needles for Jeans & Denim

Sewing denim and jeans require specially designed flat shank sewing needles. Our stock of Organ sewing needles for jeans includes a slim shape from the eye to the point to reduce penetration resistance.

Topstitch Flat Shank Needles

Flat shank sewing needles for top-stitch and decorative stitching have a very long eye, almost double the length of a standard needle. They can work with standard, heavy, or multiple threads to create embroidery or creative designs using two threads at once.

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