Blister Pack Sewing Needles

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ORGAN brand Flat Shank house machine needles are now available in attractive, eye-catching Blister-Pack cards for self-service sales. The packaging is informative to help buyers choose the needles they need for any sewing task. The clear plastic covering lets you see the entire needle and is labeled with relevant product information. All blister packs come with a useful safety receptacle for storing needles. Another resource to look at is our ORGAN blister pack catalogs or Basic Needle Knowledge.

Our selection of blister pack needles is available for distributors to give you and your customers the best in quality and value. Click into any of the products below to view additional details, adjust quantity, and add to your cart.  Request a quote today to receive ORGAN blister pack sewing needles in bulk.

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ORGAN® Flat Shank Needle Blister Packs
Blister packs allow customers to easily browse and pick out the needles they need for their sewing application. Diamond Needle supplies a wide variety of best-in-class blister packs from Organ Needle. Choose from a range of types and sizes. Blister packs may include same-sized needles or an assortment of different sizes. We also offer combo blister packs for buyers wanting a variety of needle types. Available upon request.
Organ Needle Blister Packs can be ordered in small to large quantities depending on your business needs. Browse our needle index for more information regarding needle types and sizes. Contact us today with any questions.  

Types of Sewing Needle Blister Packs from ORGAN Needle®

Twin Needles Blister Pack

Twin needles have two needle points that can be spaced at different distances, ranging from 1.4mm to 6mm. These needles produce two parallel lines of stitching. Twin needles are ideal for sewing braids or for decorative stitching, such as top stitching, pin tucking, fine entredeux, twin zig-zag, and more.

Universal Flat Shank Needles Blister Pack

Blister pack universal needles have a regular point and a standard eye that works well for general domestic sewing applications. These needles are suitable for sewing suede, corduroy, organdy, batiste, poplin, broadcloth, and others. Universal flat shank needles can also be used to sew woven materials. Sizes range from 60/8-120/19. Available in assortments of 5 or 10 needles.

Jersey Needles Blister Pack

Blister pack jersey needles are medium ball point needles used for general knitted fabrics, like jersey, fleece, and helanca. The rounded tip of these needles pushes fabric fibers aside to better penetrate the gaps in between. Jersey needles prevent damage to the loop in fabrics that do not contain spandex material. Sizes range from 70/10-100/16.

Quilt Needles Blister Pack

Blister pack quilt needles used for machine quilting and patchwork sewing. A large, flat angle brings the rotating hook closer to the scarf of the needle, allowing the hook to catch the loop even if its formation is unstable. Its slim tapered shape reduces the appearance of cotton fibers and minimizes penetration resistance when sewing thick quilts. Available in assortment pack with sizes 75/11 and 90/14.

Embroidery Needles Blister Pack

Blister pack embroidery needles have a light ball point for multi-directional stitching. These needles are equipped with a larger needle eye, enabling the use of a large variety of embroidery threads, including thick thread. A cliff scarf allows for stable and larger loop formation in order to prevent skipped stitches. Available in size 75/11 (also as BLUE TIP) and 80/12.

Anti-Glue Needles Blister Pack

Blister pack anti-glue needles reduce thread breakage when using adhesive sprays, fusible fleece, glue sticks, or Velcro. These needles have a light, ball point with an LP (Lubricated Plating) coating. Anti-glue needles prevent glue and other adhesives from getting stuck in the groove and the eye of the needle. Available in size 75/11. We also supply anti-glue quilting needle blister packs, available in size 75/11 and combo pack with 90/15 and 100/16.

Leather Point Needles Blister Pack

Blister pack leather needles have a narrow twist cutting point suitable for all kinds of leather and suede sewing. Its unique knife shaped point makes stable sized needle holes in leather and leather-like materials. These needles are also useful for making angel stitches. Available in sizes 90/14 and 100/16.

Super Stretch Needles Blister Pack

Blister pack super stretch needles are thin ball point needles used for low gauge fabrics, like simplex, latex, lyrca, sportswear fabrics, and general elastics. The thickened eye section of the needle continuously enlarges the penetration area while the thin ball point prevent thread breakage. Available in sizes 65/9, 75/11, and 90/14 and in assortments of 5 or 10 needles.

Topstitch Needles Blister Pack

Topstitch needles have a light ball point for special stitches. They have a larger and longer needle eye and a wider groove. Topstitch needles are suitable for quilting seams with thicker threads. They can also be used for sewing button holes, decorative stitches, and for repair embroidery. You can often put 2 threads in the eye for special effects. Available in sizes 80/12 and 90/14.

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Diamond Needle Corp is the exclusive North American distributor for Organ Needle. We offer a comprehensive selection of over 100,000 industrial and household sewing machine needles and supplies for any application. Our huge inventory allows us to provide fast, reliable, and on-time deliveries at wholesale prices.
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