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Your embroidery machine is only as good as the needle in it. That’s why we partner with ORGAN Needle Co. to provide you with the highest quality embroidery needles on the market. We stock needles to enhance the performance of embroidery machines from leading brands like Tajima, Barudan, Brother, Toyota, Meistergram, Janome, Juki, ZSK, as well as Chinese-made machines, and more.

Diamond Needle Corp is your source for the largest variety of needles for embroidery machines. Use the selector on the left to narrow your results according to the needle system, size, finish, and point style you require. Refer to our selection guide below the product listings to find the needles best suited to your application. Click into any of the products below to browse additional details and add to your cart. Contact an expert for assistance.
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Commercial Embroidery Needles for All Types of Embroidery Machines

Different from regular flat shank needles, embroidery needles have a specially designed scarf to create less strain on your thread and prevent fraying and breakage. We have an ORGAN needle for just about every embroidery situation, including needles with large eyes, extra-large eyes, elongated eyes for metallic threads and deco-stitching, tapered blade needles to alleviate deflection and skipped stitches, needles with leather points, needles designed specifically for puff foam embroidery, and more. 

ORGAN brand embroidery machine needles are available in sizes ranging from #8/60 to #140/22, regular point and ball point. Our Cool-Sew (anti-adhesion) embroidery machine needles alleviate problems embroidering with synthetic threads and synthetic materials. Our PD/Perfect Durability titanium plated embroidery machine needles last 3-5x longer than chrome needles, especially when used with abrasive materials.

Selecting the Right ORGAN Embroidery Needles Your Sewing Application

Making sure you have the right needle is crucial when it comes to embroidery. Use the chart below to find the needles best suited to your embroidery application.

Needle System


16x257 Standard sewing needles used in industrial sewing machines.
DB-K5 Virtually the same as the 16x257 but has a larger eye to accommodate embroidery threads to pass through without fraying or snapping.
DB-K5KK Short shank needles intended for use in machines with raised needle throat plates, like XSK and Singer KSM models.
DB-K5SD1 Small triangular tip makes it easier to penetrate through hard materials like leather, allowing for smoother stitching.
DB-K5SS This needle has the same eye features of the DB-K5, but the point has a very narrow wedge to easily penetrate through leather, vinyl, and similar materials.
DBx1KN This is the modified version of the 16x257 needle, with a slender straight blade, a tapered thin ball point, and a reduced eye profile. Specifically for embroidering knit fabrics.
DBx7ST Rectangular-shaped needle eye facilitates the passage of metallic embroidery threads.
DBxK5-YORI The YORI series has a repositioned eye with the scarf and groove parallel to the blade, stabilizing the loop formation and preventing the thread from untwisting. Ideal for urethane foam filling and thick materials.
DBxK5Q1 Standard needles used for Janome MB4, Melco EP4, and Elna 9900 models
DBxK5Z1 Modified version of the DB-K5 with a side scarf, long extended groove, longer deeper scarf, and a slim, extra light ball point.
PH-C70 Hook needle used for chain stitching with a flat spot on the shank. Compatible with Tajima embroidery machines.
PH-C71SB Hook needle with a short barb and a flat spot on the shank. Used for chenille. Compatible with Tajima embroidery machines.
DB-K5NY, DBxK5Q1NY NY needles have a tapered blade to provide extra strength and resist pressure from all directions. A thinner size NY has the strength of a thicker size needle, while preventing breakage or damage to fabric.

Your Source for the Highest Quality Embroidery Needles On the Market

Diamond Needle Corp is the exclusive North American distributor for Organ Needle Co. We offer an extensive selection of over 100,000 household and industrial sewing needles, parts, & supplies for any project. We also offer a wide range of flat shank embroidery machine needles for domestic applications. Our huge inventory allows us to provide fast, reliable, and on-time deliveries at wholesale prices.

Contact us to discuss your unique application. Request a quote on our selection of ORGAN needles today.