Embroidery Machine Needles

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Without the correct needle, your embroidery project could be grounded before it even begins. The correct type of embroidery needle depends on your embroidery project and your embroidery machine. Generally speaking, embroidery needles have a larger eye and better scarf as compared to universal sewing needles.  Embroidery machine needles with enhanced features such as for metallic thread, extra large eyes, ball points for stretch materials, special points for leather stitching, anti-friction finishes, and Perfect Durability/titanium finishes improve your embroidering tasks.


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Embroidery Needle Specifications

High-quality Organ 15x1ST (HAx1ST, 130/705H-E) embroidery, metallic thread, and decorative stitching needles are specifically designed for a smoother sewing experience.  Additional specifications for this high-performance needle includes:
  • The 15x1ST needle has an oversized eye to reduce stress and tension on delicate embroidery thread. 
  • The 15x1ST needles accommodates metallic threads and makes threading easier.
  • 15x1ST needles are available with regular and ball points, chrome, and PD/Perfect Durability titanium plating.
  • Point styles available include ball point and regular round point.
  • 100 needles per package

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