Sewing Machine Parts for Pegasus

High-quality industrial sewing machine parts for Pegasus sewing machines. Diamond Needle Corp. carries an extensive selection of replacement parts and accessories for Pegasus sewing machines. Needles and parts for Pegasus sewing machines include those for cover stitch sewing machine and overlock/serger machines.


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With an inventory of over 100,000 sewing machine parts and supplies, we ship orders on the same day. Fast, reliable, deliveries with economical prices are just some of the benefits offered by Diamond Needle.

If you are unsure what Pegasus sewing machine part you need, see the reference library in our website, please contact us or call us at 1-800-221-5818. Our knowledgeable staff can help determine which Pegasus parts are best suited for your application or 

Cover Stitch Sewing Machine and Overlock Sewing Machine Applications

Ideal for creating hems on garments, cover stitch sewing machines provide an easy way to quickly hem your garments. With popularity of stretch fabrics, cover stitch sewing machines allow you to sew with up to three needles and a looper underneath. Common stitches used with cover stitch sewing machines include flat hems and hemming fabric in the round.

Similar to cover stitch sewing machines, overlock sewing machines (commonly called serger sewing machines), can finish, joint and cut edges of cloth. This results in a stitch that sews clothing for hemming or edging. Additional serger sewing machine uses include creating stitching decorations.

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