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NEEDLES (Silver)

Part Number: HLX5 #18
Sold in Package Quantities of: 100
Price Each: 0.2850
Manufacturer: Organ Needle
Unit Price: $0.2850
Total Price: $0.29
Order Quantity:
  • Used for Quilting
  • NEEDLE SIZE: 110 / 18
  • FINISH: Chromium
  • POINT STYLE: Regular Round Point
  • Point Symbol: R
  • APPLICATION: for Quilting & Heavy Duty Sewing
This needle is made for hard, thick or heavy materials. 
It will sew through multiple ply applications like quilting, appliqué or heavy embroidery. 
It is actually an industrial needle with a flat shank. 
If you are bending or breaking 15x1’s this needle could solve your problem. 
These hard chrome needles will outlast a standard 15x1 and the PD/titanium needles are even more wear-resistant. 
They are available in sharp or ball point with a hard chrome or  PD/titanium finish.

Regarding Color coding, Janome has their own system.  
The Organ HLx5 have color-coded shanks to identify each size.   Other Organ needles do not have color-coding.
The size number is etched into the shank of each needle.