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Part Number: DBXK5Z1 #11
Sold in Package Quantities of: 100
Price Each: 0.1725
Manufacturer: Organ Needle
Unit Price: $0.1725
Total Price: $0.17
Order Quantity:
  • NEEDLE SIZE: 75 / 11
  • FINISH: Chromium
  • POINT STYLE: Light Ball Point
  • Point Symbol: BP | SES | FFG
Recommend for Janome MB4 machine and JUKI/TAJIMA SAI 8.
This is a modified form of the DBx1 needle.  It has an oversize eye (approximately 25% larger), a side scarf, a long extended groove, a longer deeper scarf and a slim point.
The side scarf allows less interference between the needle and the rotary hook.  
The long extended groove provides more protection to the top thread.  
The longer deeper scarf allows the hook point to be adjusted closer to the center of the thread loop, allowing for variations in registration from one needle position to the next.
The slim point reduces penetration resistance for smoother piercing of the material. This all adds up to smoother, sharper embroidery.