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Part Number: DBXK5-YORI #11
Sold in Package Quantities of: 100
Price Each: 0.1600
Manufacturer: Organ Needle
Unit Price: $0.1600
Total Price: $0.16
Order Quantity:
  • NEEDLE SIZE: 75 / 11
  • FINISH: Chromium
  • POINT STYLE: Regular Round Point
  • Point Symbol: R
YORI™ needle is specially designed for "Z" twist thread.
Imporved Embroidery  /  Multi-Directional Stitching
  • The unique setting of the needle's eye,
  • avoids untwisting of embroidery thread
  • Minimizes problems like top thread breakage on fine materials  
  • Flat Embroidery / 3D Embroidery with urethane foam filling
  • Embroidery on lace
  • Embroidery on thin materials
  • Fine Embroidery