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"PRODUCT NEWS" BULLETINS July 2009 October 2011
April 2009 July 2007
August 2008 January 2007
April 2008 February 2006
BAG CLOSING Bag Closing Needles Hand-Mates, Benser, Chainex
CHEMICAL CLEANERS & LUBRICANTS Aerosols, Cleaners, Oils & Lubricants Cleaning Guns & Cleaning Fluid
CUTTING ROOM Cutting Room Supplies Intro Steel Gloves & Aprons
Cutting Room Catalog Round Knives for Eastman
Components for Feedrail Round Knives for Maimin
Hand-Mates, Benser, Chainex Round Knives for US & Simplex
Cutting Machines, Tools & Blades Round Knives for Beaver
Crayon Markers TECHNIX Straight Knives
EMBROIDERY Embroidery Catalog E3/04 Hand-Mates, Benser, Chainex
Organ Needles Organ Needle Price List 11/01/10
Embroidery Needle Touch-Up Pens, Tension Gauges, Dead Point Gauge, Oil & Duster Spray

Yardage & Meter Counters

ORGAN NEEDLES Why Use Organ Needles Featured Organ Needles
PD Titanium Needles PD Titanio Agujas
Bag Closing Needles Organ Needle Price List 11/01/10
"NY2" Prevent Skipped Stitches Embroidery Needles
Flat Shank/Domestic Needles SK1 Needles Are Better Than MR
Socks, Hosiery & Toe Closing Ndls DB-K5-NY
Schiffli Needles Available Needle Types
Flat Shank Needle Features Quilting & Bedding Needles
Cool Sew
QUILTING & BEDDING Catalog Q8/01 Dennison Fasteners
Hand-Mates•Benser•Chainex Binder Heads (Folders)
Extra Hard Needle Bar Frames Parts for Porter, Pfaff, SPUHL, CASH, UNITED & 300UX5 Tape Edge
Parts for CASH Tape Edge Parts for Gribetz Quilting Machine
Needles: Quilting, Tape Edge and Flanger Hub and Blade Retainer for Panel Cutters
Aerosols, Cleaners, Oils & Lubricants Square Binder Heads
Ball Casters Round Blades for ENDCUTTERS
Parts for Galkin Parts for Gribetz
SCISSORS & SHEARS Mundial Titanium Scissors Mundial Cushion Pro Scissors
Scissors Catalog S7/97 Hand-Mates, Benser, Chainex
Belmont Scissor Fiskars Industrial Scissors, Cutters and Mats
Embroidery Scissors Gold Seal Scissors
Mundial Cushion Soft Scissors Mundial Thread Nippers
Mundial Pinking Shears Mundial RED DOT Scissors
STEAM IRONS Sleeve Board, Irons & Supplies  



Folders, Hemmers & Binders Binder Heads (Folders)
Dennison Fasteners Hand-Mates•Benser•Chainex

Seam Rippers•Tweezers

Value Line Hooks
TASK & MACHINE LIGHTS L E D 28 & other Task Lights L.E.D. O BRITE


Parts for Brother Parts for Juki
Parts for Union Special Parts for Cash, Galkin, Gribetz, Porter and United
Parts for Pegasus and Siruba Parts for Pfaff
Parts for Merrow